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Horseman Reinhard Teetor offers classical instruction to riders of all levels - hunter, jumper, eventing, dresage.

If you crave a riding education

more than just another riding lesson...

If you seek more than quick fixes

in hot pursuit of the next ribbon...

If competing is a goal

but not the reason you ride...

If you're ready for a level of instruction that reflects

your level of passion and commitment...

Then you deserve to train with a lifelong horseman who trained with the masters. Reinhard Teetor offers classical instruction for riders of substance across disciplines -- hunter, jumper, eventing, dressage and re-training projects. 


Training with Reinhard is an ongoing conversation about your goals and your horse's development, applying classical principles and methods to get you there.

Reinhard works with students of all levels and ages, who   share his passion for classical horsemanship.



Need-specific sessions tailored to the horse and rider



Comprehensive training program based on a classical foundation for your horse


Coaching and training at

the competition


For all sport horse disciplines

and riding levels



"Reinhard's measured, intuitive and patient approach to building a solid foundation for both horse and rider helped me overcome debilitating anxiety to not only ride effectively, but to more fully enjoy my passion as a 50+ adult. His unwavering commitment instilled confidence that enabled me to succeed in the show ring. After retiring my trusty hunter several years ago, Reinhard found and re-trained my new horse, and is now helping me build an equally gratifying partner-ship with him."

                           ~Suzanne M.

"When I began training with Reinhard 8 years ago, I was measuring my ability against how successful I had been at my last horse show. Needless to say, this very often resulted in frustration and disappointment. Reinhard taught me that riding success is more about building a core set of skills, then applying them consistently, whatever the challenge. This has resulted in a more productive and satisfying relationship with my horse both in and out of the show ring." 

                              ~Evelyn C.

"I have been training with Reinhard for over 10 years. He has been integral in my transformation from Junior competitor to Professional horseman. Reinhard's vast knowledge and thorough training approach have helped me both succeed in the ring with my own horses and develop as a professional trainer and instructor. Being a young professional in the horse business is very challenging -- Reinhard's support and guidance have been paramount to my progress."

                              ~Taylor K.

More Student Reviews Coming Soon!



Reinhard's introduction to the world of horses was a humble one. He took his first riding lesson at a local stable in Ithaca, NY, at age 8. Bought his first horse with $187 his dad gave him at age 11. And rode his way up to his first Junior Jumper class at age 16 on "Stoney" -- a $600 mixed breed known for his ferocious buck.

Reinhard's passion for the sport and commitment to 

becoming the most educated and effective rider he could be drove him as a young adult to the horsemasters he most admired. He:

  • Worked for and rode with Mr. Arthur McCashin, Olympic medalist and founder of the USET.

  • Trained with Mr. Bertelan de Nemethy, Chef d'Equipe and Head Trainer of the USET Show Jumping Division.

  • Traveled to Germany to study dressage with Dr. Reiner Klimke as a working student. ​

  • Trained with Mr. George Morris, USET member and world-reknowned trainer.

  • Trained with and rode for Mr. Michael Page, multiple Olympic medal winner and Chef d'Equipe of the Canadian Equestrian Team Three Day Eventing Team.

During that time, and for years thereafter, Reinhard honed his expertise as a horseman by running a series of successful sales, training, lesson and horse showing operations, including North American Horse Show Syndications, Inc., Folly Farms, Inc. and Berkshire Show Stock, Inc.

Today, Reinhard chooses to focus his efforts on students of all levels, ages and disciplines who share his passion for classical horsemanship.

If you'd like to learn more about Reinhard's equine business consulting services, including equine case assessment, expert witness, appraisal, operations and project financing, visit

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Tel:  914-466-0472




If you'd like to learn more about Reinhard's equine business consulting services, including equine case assessment, expert witness, appraisal, operations and project financing, visit

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